EV Charging
Changing the mindset from fueling to charging
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Commercial Solar
Protection against the highest utility rates in the country
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Battery Storage
Discharge your solar energy to offset the most expensive peak rates
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Energy Management Solutions
Manage your rising energy costs
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Security Systems
Transforming your business to a more intelligent operation with preventive real-time alerts
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Business Solutions Provider
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A Business Solutions Family of Companies

Renewable Energy Partners, (REP), was established in 2009 with a goal to serve the business community as a developer of commercial solar projects for multi-family properties in California. We always act as an advocate for our customers to identify and secure the most cost-effective solar solution for your business. This approach includes an assessment of your tariff rate, historical consumption patterns and Time Of Use (TOU) understanding. The energy study allows for our team to design the most cost effective and financially suitable solar system.

Our services include a careful review of solar proposals and related contracts and provide project management oversite to ensure that you receive exactly what your solar contract entitles you to receive. 

REP’s success has been a result of thorough discovery, creative design and careful management of the solar construction to the benefit of the property owner.


Sustainable Solutions for your Business

EV Charging

REP is representing the leading brands for EV Charging Technology. Our solutions include:
  • Away from home EV Charging solutions while at the office, school or shopping just got easier
  • Multi-Family Charging solutions for apartment dwellers
  • Utility Incentives available to accelerate market adoption
  • Advanced Charging Software and Services – Flexible Pricing, Access Control and Power Management capabilities for the property owner
  • Tools for Drivers from the Top Rated, User-Friendly App
  • Network Operating System (NOS) ensures optimal driver experience and owner satisfaction

Commercial Solar

REP has been an innovator since 2009 in developing cost-effective solutions for implementing commercial solar as a sound long term business strategy for your business.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Solar designs that fit your business space and budget
  • Analysis of your tariff rate with the utility company
  • Project management and oversight services to ensure a safe and efficient construction plan
  • Access to any state, federal or utility incentive

Battery Storage

The battery storage technology is emerging and is more affordable and new advancements allow for you to realize even greater financial benefits from your PV Solar system.


   How does battery storage help?

  • Reduce your facility’s peak demand charges which many times comprise more than 50% of your total energy bill.
  • Allows for you shift energy produced during daytime hours and discharge in the evening when the energy peak rates are the highest cost from the utility company.
  • Provides mission critical resiliency to keep your business running during blackouts or temporary outages

Energy Management Solutions

REP will provide a complimentary energy assessment for your business. We offer:

  • Begins with Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Sustainability Goals for the Business
  • Maintain operational continuity via a resiliency plan
  • Electric Vehicles for the business
  • Energy as a Service allows for your business to pay as you go without stressing your capital budget
  • Assessment of solar, micro turbines and battery storage applications for your business

Security Systems

Transforming your business to a more intelligent operation with preventive real-time alerts. Transition your business utilizing a broad spectrum of technology and services via:

  • Intelligent security cameras with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) providing you with alerts of vehicles or people of interest.
  • Full remote surveillance all on one command center monitor accessible with your laptop or smart phone.
  • Environmental Sensing
  • Security Alarms

Business Solutions Provider

We can assist you with reducing costs, and implementing safety measures across your facilities. Our business offerings include:

  • Energy Management
  • Sustainable strategies 
  • Property Enhancements
  • Security & Safety
  • Building Management

Markets We Serve

Ask us about existing solar incentives and how much your business can save from a 30-year commercial solar system. We will assist you in securing any available rebates and direct you to the state and federal tax incentives. The key markets that we serve with energy savings solutions include the following:

Multi-Family Apartments and Mobile Home Parks

Reduce your energy costs for your tenants and your common area expenses. Improves the marketability and profitability of the property

Commercial Office Buildings

Save money by reducing your energy costs by managing your load profile and incorporating renewable energy alternatives for the business and/or tenants

Industrial Buildings

Industrial businesses have unique energy consumption and related costs including expensive demand charges


REP can be a resource to assist the facility with their sustainability goals and cost reductions strategies. Clean energy, resiliency and cost saving are part of the total building energy management plan


Utilize the available space on your school campuses to save money on your energy bills each month. Energy as a Service is a excellent solution for most school campuses

Retail Commercial Centers

Our approach at REP is to assess your energy usage and then design a customized solar system to optimize your energy savings for your business and your tenants. Reduced energy costs allow for improved property values


Renewable Energy Partners

EV Charging

Market shifting from fueling to charging

Commercial Solar

Protection against the highest utility rates in the country

Battery Storage

Discharge your solar energy to offset the most expensive peark rates

Micro Turbines

Learn how 24 hour generation saves you money


Security Solutions

Security Cameras with Advanced Analytics

Technology that protects your business and employees to create a safer environment

Environmental Sensing

Proactive sensing to help maintain optimal environmental conditions for your business

Access Control

Safe access for your staff

Safety Alarms

Smart alarms and analytics informing you real-time of any breaches or unsafe conditions

Smart Buildings

Bundling advanced technologies to create a wholistic building management platform

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Sustainable Solutions for your business

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